Friday, January 7, 2011

Word of the Year-2011

Even as I was frantically doing my last post on joy, I knew where I was headed for 2011. I want to go DEEP. I had been thinking on it for several weeks, planned some books to read and felt compelled to move forward. Why DEEP? To me, it implies growth. It is my prayer that all the Turners have measureable growth this year. As a family, we will focus on the spiritual disciplines as a tool for growth. Growth that makes Him more recognizable. I pray we will go DEEP enough to go where we've never been.

DEEP enough not to shrink back or drift away.
DEEP into the light of Jesus.
DEEP enough for a spritual growth spurt.
DEEP enough to be broken.
DEEP into the Refiner's fire.
DEEP enough not to be the same.

You are welcome to come along. Let's Go Deep!

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